​Seminar on "Modern method of teaching"

Seminar on the topic "Modern method of teaching" was held in yard of Genius International Public School, Rupnagar. Pt was organized by, School Management Committee and Vice-principal Mrs. Poonam Dogra for betterment of school academics.

Mrs. Rekha Sharma lead the seminar very enthusiastically. All Genius teachers participated in seminar to enhance their new modern teaching methods. It was discussed that every child has one unique potential. Its teacherís duty to exhibit their inner hidden potential. Mrs. Rekha Sharma threw light on new method of teaching through PPT, Project, Activity based teaching. Focus is given on practical education and whole class participation, teaching should be necessary according to their caliber. New techniques are more beneficial to impart quality education to new generation as per need of modern time. Teachers spend approximately 5 hours and asked questions about optimum participation and good results. Seminar proved very fruitful for all teachers to upliftment of their teaching skills. In the end teachers thanked to Mrs. Rekha Sharma. SMC members, Managing Director Mr. Bhupinder Singh and Mrs. Gunwant kaur, schoolís Vice-Principal Mrs. Poonam Dorgra to arrange such a wonderful, knowledgeful seminar for academic growth of school.